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Long Range Shooting School| 4/15/2018

Event hosted by Betz's Gunworks and Nate and Julie Vance of Wyoming Outdoor Recreation. In this class you will learn basic long range shooing skills. It is intended for beginner to intermediate shooting enthusiast. Will cover how to read wind, proper shooting positions and other important aspects of long range shooting. Rifles and 50 rounds of ammo will be provided as part of the cost of the class (personal rifles not allowed). Class is limited to 14 people ages 12 and over. Fee for the event will be $1000 per shooter with non refundable deposit of $500 due by March 30, 2018. Call 701-529-4834 to reserve your spot.
Class fee will include use of Betz's Gunworks custom rifle and 50 rounds of ammo, equipment such as shooting rests, range finders and spotting scopes. We will have shooting instruction in classroom and on the range. You will engage targets out as far as 1000 yards possibly further. Breakfast and lunch will be provided both days.

Derek and Becky are owners o Betz's Gunworks. They specialize in building custom long range rifles and setting up long range shooting systems. Derek has been long range shooting for 18+ years. He and wife Becky along with their 2 kids have participated in long range shooting competitions coming out with several wins.

Nate and Julie Vance have owned/operated a Big Game outfitting service for many years in Wyoming. Nate is an Army Veteran with military combat sniper training/experience. Both have successfully competed in long range shooting competitions. They incorporated their long range shooting experience/instruction for their outfitting clients benefit.
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